Michael: Might Be, My Cool

She had grown to hate how she felt around him.

She had come to accept how much self-control she lacked around him.
Her soul leapt in excitement when she saw him.

She recognised him and he knew her but he didn’t quite know her yet, nor did she him.
His eyes were black and circular and tightened to a downward point at each side.
He was taller, robust, and thickly slim. She wanted to devour him starting with his tongue.
She yearned for his fingers, inside her mouth, all at once, almost edible but impossible to swallow, dribbling, intoxicated by his power.

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Conversations { on Gender, Politics & Religion } in Amsterdam

Mid week in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be precise; a slower city, a smaller city, a younger city.
The change in pace was mentally unhinging, after leaving via Liverpool street’s hustle and bustle in London.
As the series of annoyingly patronising past statements suggested, the Dutch city was nebulised with Marijuana.
And the excitement that came from the mention of the inhalation of the herb from British Memoirs was more tiring than a bad high.
They travelled for design, architecture, food, and wine… oh and of course music. So boring. So cultured (!)
They willingly allowed themselves to be seduced by the call of the Coffee Shops, the Devil was in control, they’d say.

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{ An excerpt from Oi! Issue2 – Originally published in 2015. Download the digital copy HERE! }

Conversations { on Identity & Mental Health } at Bill’s

“Yeah, haha, pretty nice in here. She said with a humbled discreet sense of approval,she’d been invited by the red headed cyclist sat opposite her.
“OMG”, she said excitedly, rushing to give a dramatic illustration of her last meal there.
 “I just love it here!?
Her guest glanced back waiting for a verbal explanation for her theatric response; a character who at times proved hard to please but remained willing to be pleased.
She’d heard the brief gasps of promo before, she was here now, she just wanted details. Especially before she ordered.
“Do you know what you’re gonna order?”
“Yeah, To be honest I think I’m gonna get exactly what I ordered last time… Mmmm, yes, OMG you should taste the house wine!” Nervous laughter briefly erupted from her mouth, “You know… I don’t really… like, white wine, but…”
“REALLY ?!, URGH !I LOVE WHITE WINE! “ she butted in innocently, deluded by the thoughts of the alcoholic liquid.
“Dry, crispy white wine with a citral palette…”
…yeah, uh, I guess I’ll try it?” she concluded quickly.

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{ An excerpt from Oi! Issue 1 – Originally published in 2014. Download the digital copy HERE! }

Vreeland Vs Wintour – The Editors Guide

I mean I love them both you see…

But I’ve noticed in this day and age, or maybe it’s a reoccurring trend; one finds themselves getting to a stage in life where they begin to associate good and great with all things new, modern, and contemporary.

Does new mean better?
If it does then what does old mean?
And why is old, old and new not just newer?
Such finite words, for such infinite conceptions.
It took a while for me to put a title to what I thought I was best at, I mean I’ve given my self so many titles I laugh at my attempts to prove to myself that I was doing a job I loved.
To be a Creative Director I guess you need to have ideas and you need to be able to direct them in a way that shows vision and understanding, and to be able to bring things together as a team, not alone.

Looking around for industry role models it seemed my mirrors of dreams were shattered…
I was afraid to want to be like Anna Wintour, and then I found out about Diana Vreeland in 2nd year of uni.

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{ An excerpt from Oi! Issue 1 – Originally published in 2014. Download the digital copy HERE! }